“Faith” was inspired by our need to believe in something. No matter which culture we look at we will find that it is a universal need of human kind to have faith in something: either in himself, or in transcendence or in a religious concept.

In ancient times faith was present in people’s homes in the form of sacred symbols. Nowadays, these seem to be fading from our present culture. Yet, we are longing more and more to hold onto something stable and eternal in our ever changing fast-paced and information-packed world. Our lamp, Faith, symbolizes this need. It got its statue-like shape from this idea. The lamp resembles two praying hands, the early symbol of turning upwards.

The multiplied pieces indicate that we are all part of aunity pointing towards the same direction. It also reflects upon the fact that we build our own system of belief from our own experience.

The hole inside the lamp shows that the essence of this faith is unique for everybody. We need to fill it with meaning for ourselves. In the middle we find emptiness and stillness which help us reach a meditative state.

While ancient traditions used small lamps and candles, our”Faith” is different: suiting our modern time it has leds and its size represents the monumentality of faith and transcendence. In the middle we do not find material or light but emptiness, stillness and silence which help us reach a meditativestate.

The metal bottom does not only multiply the visual experience but it show our faith is reflected in all our actions and that we are also reflected in our faith. The intensity of the light is adjustable, which expresses the role faith has in our lives: our changeable dynamism, our hopes and the light that shines on our paths. We can look at “Faith” both as a lamp and as a decoration that creates the ambiance for contemplation.

The lamp was made of ash wood, the bottom is stainless steel. Natural varnish was applied on the surface, which gives the structure lightness and balances the stability and rigidness of the angular forms. The natural finish, the size, the adjustable illumination and the shape of turning upwards may remind us of two praying hands, representings the monumentality of faith and transcendence and the feeling of intimateness while bringing traits of modernity and functionality to the project.

What you see is a prototype for the above products. You can order items made of different types of wood or in different colors or even color combinations. Should you choose any of these alterations, please indicate it in the Contact menu. We can also produce the items in different size, however, this requires new planning and designing and it changes the product’s shape and the overall effect. All our products are assigned a unique serial number.

This lamp has three hidden LED circuits: outside, inside and bottom. Wiring these was a huge challenge technically. You can switch and set the LEDs separately or together and the light intensity too by a remote control. That provides extraordinary variation options for adjusting the lights, thus expanding the mode of action from soft mood lighting to full illumination. By the fan-like rotation of the parts it provides a new visual experience from every different angle.

The diversely adjustable illuminants give many options for altering the lights expanding the mode of action from soft mood to full illumination. This expresses the role of faith in our lives: it is the light that shines on our path. This lamp creates the ambiance for contemplation. The multiplied pieces indicate that we are all pointing towards unity. It also suggests that we build our own system of belief from our own experience.

Size: Width 1800 mm x Depth 850 mm x Height 420 mm

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