I was inspired by the image of setting fire which I put indoor and changed its function. It imitates the role of a fireplace with its lighting and the function of bringing people together. This reflects on the ancient tradition of sitting by the fire. The inside light is supposed to evoke the attributes of fire and the tranquility of a welcoming home. The antiqued and rustic surface generates the feeling of burning and ashes while bringing traits of modernity and functionality to the work.

The inside lighting imitates fire and the warmth of a home. The surface treatment is antiqued both in its colour and material. The circular look is built up of modern, angular geometric shapes contrasting the modern and the traditional design. You can put objects anywhere in/ on the table without blocking the way of the light. The special surface treatment and its roughness enhance the rustic ambiance. The electrical parts are completely hidden.

I suggest this table for bars, restaurants and home where peolple can sit round, read, eat, talk and enjoy yourself. Drink wine, which can be placed in the holes of the table. Anyway you can put several types of objects on the surface and inside both, I think this table can be distinguished from others is: the mood lightining, packing possibilities, the technical solutions, work, process ot the design, the rustic, antique surface, and the execution.


In the case of Firepalce we cannot create a completely identical color product due to the special characteristics of wood and the method of the surface treatment. Here the surface of every piece is coated and antiqued individually. Nevertheless, we try to achieve the closest possible look in the ordered products.

What you see is a prototype for the above products. You can order items made of different types of wood or in different colors or even color combinations. We can also provide different veneering. Should you choose any of these alterations, please indicate it in the Contact menu. We can also produce the items in different size, however, this requires new planning and designing and it changes the product’s shape and the overall effect. All our products are assigned a unique serial number.

Practicality was important in creating this piece. One can put all kinds of objects – CDs, books, wine bottles, cups – in almost all the slots. The table was made of antiqued pine wood. The electric system with the wires, batteries and the switch have all been hidden. Inside the table there is a plug through which the batteries can be charged. The lighting is a warm led lighting which can be turned on by a touch switch and the batteries can operate it for 24 hours.

Tempered glass, good quality pinewood, rustic surface, the special surface treatment and its roughness enhance the rustic ambiance, the electrical parts are completely hidden.

860 mm diameter (glass diameter 940 mm) x Height 510 mm

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