Intermodality desk

This desk was inspired by the prominent place and role of the grand piano in modern and classic homes. This desk represents and symbolizes the flow experience of the creativity and the music through another modality. Through the shape could see not only the piano, but also hear its voice. I wanted to highlight the flow of music and creative work with the parametric shape and the function of the desk. The table symbolizes musicality the transition between sensory modalities.

The desk imitates the grand piano with three legs, a drop-leaf cover and with its shape. It has a modern parametric design with rustic finish. When I created the desk tried to preserve the elegance and charm of the piano while trying to make it as functional as possible. The goal was that through the visual modality the desk bring the auditory modality and musicality into homes. So across the intermodality it symbolizes the the flow experience of music and creative proces.

All parts of the desk are functional. There are nine drawers in the desk where can be put items, dociments, office items. The top of the desk can be fold up without disturbing anyone in work. So it is not nessesary to clear away the objects while the cover is open. The cover is easily can be fold up by a stay-rod, and by this time the desk really resembles a piano. At this point, it can be reach the rear removable drawers. The front drawer is divided into small parts, which are removable.

The desk made of antiqued plywood and copper drawer handle and leg. The look is built up of modern, angular and parametric geometric shapes contrasting the modern and the traditional design. You can put objects anywhere in and on the table. The special surface treatment and its roughness enhance the rustic ambiance. In the drawers can be stored documents, stationeries, office supplies. The drawers on the back of the desk are removable.

All parts of the product can be disassembled and mounted on pallets. The table can be done in many ways according to the needs. The legs can be detachable, but the elements of the table can also be dismantled. If necessary, all surfaces and drawers can be taken separately.

Size: 180 mm x 87 mm x 75 mm

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