I was inspired by the architecture of pyramid stairs and the movement of the waves. I wanted to create interesting and original 3D structures by using simple geometric forms. I multiplied and then rotated the frames. My objective was to build a static object in which the steps of transformation can be traced so that it incorporates and expresses the dynamism of change. I was also inspired by organic principles that can be static and dynamic at the same time, like water.

The shape of the table resembles the stairs of the pyramids or the form of waves. Beside being a static object, it also gives us the impression of dynamic motion by the fan-like rotation of the parts. It provides a new visual experience from every different angle. Another unique attribute of the piece is that it does not contain any fittings or stiffenings. It holds itself. It unites angularity and softness. The sights of this table is different from every pespective symbolize varied of nature.

What you see is a prototype for the above products. You can order items made of different types of wood or in different colors or even color combinations. Should you choose any of these alterations, please indicate it in the Contact menu. We can also produce the items in different size, however, this requires new planning and designing and it changes the product’s shape and the overall effect. All our products are assigned a unique serial number.



This is a simple table, where people can seat round and enjoy yourself and the sight of the table.  You can put some objects on the table, and inside the table both, magazine, newspapers, cups, glasses, anything what you wants. I think particularly this table can be distinguished from other tables is: the intresting, suprising perspective, wiew, the technical solutions, background work, process ot the design, the quality of the wood (ash) and the execution.

The table was made of ash wood. Natural colour varnish was applied on the surface. The wooden structure and the large tempered glass top meet only on a thin surface. It was made without the use of any fittings or stiffenings. The structure holds itself. It gives stability and at the same time strengthens its lightness and airiness. The bright natural colouring gives the structure lightness, which balances the stability and rigidness of the angular forms.

Size: Width 1500 mm x Depth 780 mm x Height 360 mm



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