Zoom table

The Zoom table was basically inspired by the camera’s aperture and its movement. Lamella training, like the camera’s aperture, is created by rectangles and frames rotated on top of each other. The rotated sections give the impression of movement. The shutter speed (or shutter speed) is used to control how long the camera is exposed, that is, how much light reaches the photosensitive sensor. Translating this symbolically or analogously into our spiritual functioning, we can also interpret the complexity and detail of the world, the reception of information, that we want and can accept. This can refer to the world, our environment, our ability to see ourselves, our needs, the quantity and quality of inclusion. The operation of the aperture is analogous to our interest, openness, hunger for information, our need to know the world around us and ourselves. In addition to the unique nature of the choice of subject, the photographer adjusts the interpretation, processing and display of the incoming information to his own image and vision through the settings. He shows how he also interprets reality, that is, rather his subjective reality, and what he intends to communicate, what he communicates with that particular image. The selection, collection, interpretation, and conversion of acquired information into a message is a highly subjective process, which in turn often refers to our individuality, emotional functioning, and personality rather than an objective representation of reality.

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What you see is a prototype for the above products. You can order items made of different types of wood or in different colors or even color combinations. Should you choose any of these alterations, please indicate it in the Contact menu. We can also produce the items in different size, however, this requires new planning and designing and it changes the product’s shape and the overall effect. All our products are assigned a unique serial number.

Keeping to our mission, apart from bringing our own ideas to life, we are open to subcontracting and creating furniture imagined or designed by our customers. In this case, we try to adapt the products to the customers’ style, personality, or image as much as possible. If needed, Stroodesign can use psychological tests or methods to get the most precise picture of our customers.
We produce high quality, uniquely designed furniture with the help of our network of reliable contractor joiners. When you order a piece from us, we supply a wide variety of choices in material, size or shape upon request. Contact us!

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